The most recent stable release was 2.4.4 on Dec. 14, 2010. Cheetah has been stable, production quality, post-beta code since 2001. All new releases since then (40+) have been almost 100% backwards compatible. The 2.0 code itself has production ready since early 2006.

Google App Engine users should read this.

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Here's the documentation on recent changes.

You can also get the current unreleased development version of Cheetah from our git repository.

Cheetah is included in FreeBSD and most major Linux distributions: Gentoo, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu among others.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO WINDOWS USERS: You should install the compiled version of Cheetah\'s NameMapper. It is dramatically faster than the pure Python version! Python 2.4: _namemapper.pyd2.4, Python 2.5: _namemapper.pyd2.5. Install it wherever your system puts Cheetah/ Strip the version numbers off the filename.

Cheetah was created by Tavis Rudd, with contributions from many open source volunteers.
R. Tyler Croy is the current maintainer. Logo