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3.6 Testing your installation

After installing Cheetah, you can run its self-test routine to verify it's working properly on your system. Change directory to any directory you have write permission in (the tests write temporary files). Do not run the tests in the directory you installed Cheetah from, or you'll get unnecessary errors. Type the following at the command prompt:

cheetah test

The tests will run for about three minutes and print a success/failure message. If the tests pass, start Python in interactive mode and try the example in the next section.

Certain test failures are insignificant:

AssertionError: Template output mismatch: Expected Output = 0(end) Actual Output = False(end) Python 2.3 changed the string representation of booleans, and the tests haven't yet been updated to reflect this.
AssertionError: subcommand exit status 127 Certain tests run ``cheetah'' as a subcommand. The failure may mean the command wasn't found in your system path. (What happens if you run ``cheetah'' on the command line?) The failure also happens on some Windows systems for unknown reasons. This failure has never been observed outside the test suite. Long term, we plan to rewrite the tests to do a function call rather than a subcommand, which will also make the tests run significantly faster.
ImportError: No module named SampleBaseClass The test tried to write a temporary module in the current directory and import it. Reread the first paragraph in this section about the current directory.
ImportError: No module named tmp May be the same problem as SampleBaseClass; let us know if changing the current directory doesn't work.

If any other tests fail, please send a message to the e-mail list with a copy of the test output and the following details about your installation:

  1. your version of Cheetah
  2. your version of Python
  3. your operating system
  4. whether you have changed anything in the Cheetah installation

If you use Cheetah, please support the project and register by clicking here: